Specialty Binders - An Eco-Friendly Solution for Success

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Sensible Presentation Solutions
Consumers respond positively to companies who take the extra effort to promote environmentally sound business practices. Eco-friendly professional binders are just one of several ways that businesses can go the extra mile towards environmental conservation efforts, while creating custom printed binders at the same time. These binders are typically made with recycled or renewable materials such as recycled paper, vinyl or leather and printed with non-toxic soy-based inks.
Although paper is biodegradable, when it is left to decompose in landfills it actually creates methane as it begins to break down which is 23 times more toxic than carbon dioxide. Choosing products made from recycled materials instead of harvesting new paper has environmental advantages such as:
  • Reducing the volume of paper waste sent to landfills
  • Lowering the emission of methane gases from entering the atmosphere
  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Cutting down on deforestation.
One study showed that recycled products produce 73 per cent less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials. Considering how harmful disposing of paper products can be, it makes sense to make greener choices for specialty binders and presentation materials.
Reduce the Carbon Footprint with Eco-Friendly Binders
Binder covers can also be customized to suit individual requirements by selecting different colours, patterns, textures or including specific artwork and logos in the design. Other options for customization include printing methods such as:
  • Foil print
  • Digital print
  • Debossed
  • Screen print
It is estimated that 31 million tonnes of waste is produced each year from business stationary products. A business can significantly cut back on waste by going green even with binders. Eco-friendly binders will show that your company is doing its part towards helping to create a greener planet. Some questions to consider when shopping for green binders are:
  • Are the binders reusable? Not only will this help save the environment, your company will also save money when ordering binders for multiple purposes. Adding a window to the front of the binder is a great way for the information to be easily changed for new materials.
  • Is the binder made with harsh chemicals? Beyond recycled material, what is printed on the binder can also be harmful to the environment. Soy based inks are dyes made from natural ingredients and are more bio-degradable. An embossed or die cut design can create the look you are seeking without actually using ink.
  • Is the binder recyclable? This is the key factor in reducing the world's waste problem. Using recyclable products for you business may also encourage clients and customers to be more green.
Sustainable Specialty Binders
In today's green economy, the goal for most businesses is to produce the least amount of waste as possible. Recycling saves energy, resources, landfill spaces and reduces environmental impacts. Casemade binders without film lamination are the most eco-friendly binders on the market and are fully recyclable once the rings are removed. Eco-friendly binders are a sustainable alternative to plastic or vinyl binders without sacrificing quality.